Sizing Charts

Please refer to the various apparel brands sizing on the charts below. Our unisex/men's sizing is considered a "normal" cut for the North American marketplace. If you normally wear a Large from North American retailers, for example, then check the charts just to confirm our Large sizing recommendation. 

The unisex/men's sizing shown is based on the circumference of the garment. Check your own shirts by laying them flat and measuring across the chest to get the width. Doubling the width will give you a close idea of the circumference of your own shirt.

Our women's sizing is also considered a "normal" cut for the North American marketplace. Women's sizing is usually a bit more difficult to determine, but the same general factors are applicable. Our women's brands (like Gildan and Bella) are available from many North American retailers, using the same sizing that we offer.

For everyone...We recommend ordering at least 1 size larger if you are in-between sizes or unsure of your size or fit. Better to order a garment that is slightly larger, over one that is slightly too small!

Finally...Please be sure of your final size choice, as we are unable to offer refunds for incorrect sizing choices on customized imprintables. We can only guarantee that we'll send you the size(s) that you order.

Thank you!



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